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Podcasts are a particularly highly effective software for advertising and establishing a reputation. Nevertheless, they've one weakness. They don't seem to be interactive.

Getting your audience really involved in your podcast requires some aspect of interactivity. They have to be a part of the podcast to have a stake in it. However podcasts are pre-recorded so how can you contain your audience?

In this article I will show you how to make a podcast interactive. While you can't make a podcast interactive directly -- that might involve a live podcast -- you can also make it appear interactive. Since a live podcast is a contradiction in terms, the trick is to incorporate delayed live interactions. Here are 4 examples:

1. All the time ask for emails feedback and questions.

No matter what you educate it's at all times a good idea to ask for questions. After all, no one goes to utterly perceive what you will have taught during a podcast. If they do then you definately most likely shouldn't have made the fastest growing podcast so complete in the first place. Questions not only provide help to improve the interactivity of your podcast however they're also an excellent source of topics and market research. The very best place to find new matters and associated products is to ask your buyer base. Within the case of a podcast, that means your audience.

2. Have an "Our listeners ask" column.

This is the other side of the question and emails. When you have a column format podcast it is best to always -- maybe even should -- have an "Our listeners ask" column. This column will assist you to answer questions your audience has requested -- or should have asked. Even in case you to make them up yourself!

3. Have a recorded Q & A session.

While the podcast itself can't really be live and nonetheless be a podcast, there is not any reason it can't be recorded live. One of the techniques you can use to increase interactivity is to file a live question and answer session. This is a teleseminar during which your viewers and clients can call in and ask questions. In return you will do your finest to answer those questions. A training call is a great source for this as your coaching clients are already primed to ask questions.

4. Have a listener interview the host.

One of many nice methods for making a podcast is to interview an expert. However what happens in the event you turn that around. What if you're being interviewed? The temporary host can be perceived as someone who's on the same degree as your audience. It will be as in the event that they were interviewing you. The result will probably be an interactive recording. Shortly and easy!
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